End of Year Tasks

Thank you for choosing Symphony Math for your students. As the end of your school year approaches, here are some suggestions for positioning Symphony Math for success in the next school year. Please note that all of the suggestions below require Administrative access privileges:

1. Export student data to integrate with your offline data integration systems.

All of the 'Status' reports for Symphony Math (Screener, Benchmarker, and Instruction) can be exported in CSV format from the Reports menu:

  1. From the Reports tab, choose your report selections (for example Benchmarker => Compare Students => Status, All Grades and All Classes).
  2. Press the 'Create Report' button.
  3. Above the 'Create Report' button, press the 'Export ' link.

2. Remove students from classes.

Please note that removing students from class enrollment does not affect their records in any way. All student data is preserved unless the student is deleted from the overall school roster.
  1. Press Classes.
  2. Press the top checkbox to select all classes.
  3. From the More Actions pulldown menu, select 'Remove Enrollment'.

3. If desired, reset student progress.

This action is permanent. Please consult with your entire staff before resetting student progress.
Many schools choose to reset student progress at the end of the school year. Symphony Math uses an adaptive branching engine that quickly moves students through mastered material. By resetting student progress, students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their mastery in all Stages at the beginning of the next school year.
  1. Press Students.
  2. Press the top checkbox to select all students.
  3. From the More Actions pulldown menu, select 'Reset Student Progress'.
At the beginning of the next school year, you will Import an updated roster, which will make any necessary changes to student names, update their grade levels, and assign them to new classes.

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