Symphony Math School-To-Home Instructions

All customers of Symphony Learning are entitled to use the Symphony Math program outside of school. Students may have access to home computers, or computers at a public afterschool program or library. The following instructions describe the setup of Symphony Math outside the school setting.

Creating School-to-Home Letters

  1. Enter the Symphony Administration Panel from the School Login link on our home page.
  2. Click the Students tab to see a list of students enrolled in Symphony Math.
  3. Click the checkbox next to one or more student names.
  4. From the ‘More Actions:’ pulldown menu, select Create School to Home Letters.
  5. Fill in the appropriate School contact, and click Create Letters.

The steps above create PDF files for each student that can be printed or emailed to parents.

Blank templates are available in Microsoft Word format: English | Spanish

Important Note

Symphony Learning does not provide phone or email tech support for home users. As the school representative, you are responsible for helping your students with any issues in the installation and/or use of Symphony Math at home. Please make sure to place your contact information at the top of the School-to-Home template so that families have a way to address any issues in the setup and use of Symphony Math at home.


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